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Happy October 1st! + new Autumn-themed piece for sale!

I’m so excited Fall is here! It doesn’t quite feel like it here in Southern California, but I’m feeling hints of it here and there- like the much cooler nights and having to wear an actual sweatshirt sometimes. The air just feels different. One of my jobs is picking up a little girl from preschool, so those school days make it feel even more like fall is here.

To celebrate all the beauty of this season, I’ve created a new piece! I wrote about when I fell in love with Portland, Oregon in the fall, and then painted a little girl enjoying the colorful, fallen leaves on top of the writing. It’s all about the wonder and idyllic qualities of Autumn, an ode to how beautiful it is. It’s perfect for someone who loves fall, childhood, and perhaps the Pacific Northwest.

This print is now available for sale! It’s listed at a special price of $18, so don’t miss that deal- it won’t last long! It’s available on either white or brown paper, each giving the painting a different vibe.

autumngirl_white-tag autumngirl_brown-tag

You can order it from my Etsy shop. Happy Fall!!!

PS. Here’s some of the inspiration for this piece. These photos are from my Portland trip last year:

IMG_6342* IMG_6391* IMG_6549*


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