Spring time greeting cards!

I made some new designs & put them on greeting cards! I will be releasing more new card designs in June too, for more occasions & more variety. I LOVE greeting cards. I LOVE stationary. I LOVE snail mail. and I LOVE writing notes to people I love! Having a great design on the front of a card is a unique gift- you’re sending art AND love to someone! It makes me so happy.

So here are some new greeting cards for this season! birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Congratulations (perhaps for graduation season?), and some pretty thank you notes. Links to each card under each photo!



Buy: Happy birthday: sunflowers.


Buy: mother’s day: baby snuggles.


Buy: father’s day: shoulder rides.


Buy: congratulations: stepping stones.

IMG_6303*003_edit_watermark IMG_6305*004_edit_watermark

Buy: thank you notes: classy.

I really love how these came out! Simple but sweet is my favorite, and always illustrative. I’m really into sketch style with pops of color.

You can also buy a custom set of any 4 cards right here

To view my art prints, visit my Etsy shop!

xo, Michelle


yes to 6-month-old babies in Springtime.

As I build my photography portfolio, I’m finding my style and trying new things and really trying to hone in on what I like and what I want my photography to look like. I’m taking any chance I can to shoot and play and get experience! I’ve only ever done photography as a hobby, but I want to take it to the next level. The goal is & has been that Mary and Luna will be art + photography. I live for babies & kids (and work part-time as a nanny/babysitter), so I see that being my primary focus. It’s extremely challenging to get the shots you want with kids, but when you do, it’s magic and I feel like my heart will explode.

So here’s my best friend Nicole’s little doll, Peyton. 6 months old! We wanted Easter/Spring + girly photos of her. The faces she makes are so great. I just love her so much.




IMG_5830*004_edit_watermark IMG_5846*006_edit_watermark IMG_5856*007_edit_watermark IMG_5889*008_edit_watermark IMG_5939*010_edit_watermark IMG_5950*011_edit_watermark IMG_5967*013_edit_watermark IMG_5977*015_edit_watermark IMG_6005*019_edit_watermark IMG_6164*022_edit_watermark IMG_6220*026_edit_watermark IMG_6231*030_edit_watermark IMG_6233*031_edit_watermark IMG_6259*035_edit_watermark IMG_6272*037_edit_watermark IMG_6294*040_edit_watermark









































































If you know anyone in Orange County, CA with little kids who would like a photoshoot at a currently low portfolio-building rate, please have them email me! maryandluna@gmail.com

xo, Michelle