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yes to 6-month-old babies in Springtime.

As I build my photography portfolio, I’m finding my style and trying new things and really trying to hone in on what I like and what I want my photography to look like. I’m taking any chance I can to shoot and play and get experience! I’ve only ever done photography as a hobby, but I want to take it to the next level. The goal is & has been that Mary and Luna will be art + photography. I live for babies & kids (and work part-time as a nanny/babysitter), so I see that being my primary focus. It’s extremely challenging to get the shots you want with kids, but when you do, it’s magic and I feel like my heart will explode.

So here’s my best friend Nicole’s little doll, Peyton. 6 months old! We wanted Easter/Spring + girly photos of her. The faces she makes are so great. I just love her so much.




IMG_5830*004_edit_watermark IMG_5846*006_edit_watermark IMG_5856*007_edit_watermark IMG_5889*008_edit_watermark IMG_5939*010_edit_watermark IMG_5950*011_edit_watermark IMG_5967*013_edit_watermark IMG_5977*015_edit_watermark IMG_6005*019_edit_watermark IMG_6164*022_edit_watermark IMG_6220*026_edit_watermark IMG_6231*030_edit_watermark IMG_6233*031_edit_watermark IMG_6259*035_edit_watermark IMG_6272*037_edit_watermark IMG_6294*040_edit_watermark









































































If you know anyone in Orange County, CA with little kids who would like a photoshoot at a currently low portfolio-building rate, please have them email me! maryandluna@gmail.com

xo, Michelle



3 thoughts on “yes to 6-month-old babies in Springtime.

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