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custom painting: a mandala!

img038 edit_800

I loved making this custom piece for my yogi friend, Ryan! It was such a challenge because I’d never created anything even remotely similar to it before! Ryan knew he wanted me to design a mandala, and to have the word namaste underneath it. So I started sketching and came up with this design, we agreed on it, and here’s the piece in just ink, before color:

img037 edit_800

Ryan sent me photos of a color scheme he liked, so I applied it where I thought it would look best, then added my calligraphy “namaste.” It’s done with ink and gouache paint, 8×10. (and without the copyright tag). He will probably be using this on his yoga instructor business cards, as well as displayed in his living space :)

Been busy with this, editing photos, record-keeping, lining up new projects… I’ll share more new work next week!

xo, Michelle

if you’re interested in a custom art piece like this one, please email me and we can brainstorm ideas! I absolutely love making things for a specific person in mind :) maryandluna@gmail.com

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