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photoshoot: two wild & crazy sisters!


This session was so fun! These girls are so spirited and energetic. We basically just ran around, playing in a field for an hour and I tried to direct them the best I could! I think I did a pretty good job of capturing their free and playful spirits.

IMG_0297*022_edit_watermark IMG_0342*027_edit_watermark IMG_0530*055_edit_watermark IMG_0370*030_edit_watermark IMG_0118*004_edit_watermark IMG_0155*007_edit_watermark IMG_0171*008_edit_watermark IMG_0230*013_edit_watermark IMG_0248*016_edit_watermark IMG_0266*018_edit_watermark IMG_0271*019_edit_watermark IMG_0310*025_edit_watermark IMG_0404*036_edit_watermark IMG_0377*031_edit_watermark IMG_0466*048_edit_watermark IMG_0479*049_edit_watermark

xo, Michelle

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