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photoshoot: 1-year-old Peyton!


I can’t believe this little cutie is 1 already! We took these photos two weeks ago, but things have been crazy busy and I am finally posting them! You can also see my photos of her 1st year of life: 3 month, 6 month, 9 month.

IMG_0720*009_edit_watermark IMG_0714*008_edit_watermark IMG_0766*020_edit_watermark IMG_0795*024_edit_watermark IMG_0815*025_edit_watermark IMG_0819*026_edit_watermark IMG_0847*032_edit_watermark IMG_0888*034_edit_watermark IMG_0755*019_edit_watermark IMG_0893*035_edit_watermark IMG_0906*036_edit_watermark IMG_0920*039_edit_watermark

I’ve been working so hard on my art, photography, and babysitting jobs, and juggling the 3 is quite a challenge. I feel like I’m not posting enough work, but I also need to be patient with myself, because most of my time doing my business work is just that, business. I’m still finding a balance of creating and business details!

xo, Michelle

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