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holidays + a recent photoshoot

I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away! This has been my busiest season ever, and my first really full business holiday season. It’s been a little nuts, and this week I finally got to relax, watch Christmas movies with my family, drink hot chocolate, go to The Grove in LA & Disneyland, write cards to friends, burn yummy smelling candles, and listen to lots of holiday music. All the special holiday festivities that I love so much.

IMG_8353* edit

me & my sister with Santa :)

IMG_8402* edit IMG_8476* edit IMG_8497* edit

I participated in the Santa Ana Patchwork show last month, where we got rained poured on! I’m now finishing up just two more photoshoots this year, and then I’ll be focusing on planning 2015 (also, I can’t believe it’s going to be 2015. I need a pause button).

my table at Patchwork show

my table at Patchwork show

my table at Patchwork show

my table at Patchwork show

Here are a couple favorite photos from my session with a family friend’s cute little family. I really love toddlers.

IMG_3104*002_edit_watermark IMG_3220*010_edit_watermark IMG_3255*014_edit_watermark IMG_3263*015_edit_watermark IMG_3277*017_edit_watermark IMG_3325*022_edit_watermark IMG_3376*024_edit_watermark IMG_3420*028_edit_watermark IMG_3466*037_edit_watermark IMG_3494*040_edit_watermark IMG_3516*042_edit_watermark

I hope you are all having a lovely December filled with lots of love and fun. 

xo, Michelle

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