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photoshoot: the mama + son bond


I’m trying so hard to get back into the swing of things after being knocked out by a bad cold that is still lingering- 2 weeks of this! Rough start to 2015.

I thought I’d share a session from mid-December that resulted in some of my favorite photos I’ve taken. This mama and her tiny son at a little cove in Laguna Beach. It was so sweet. His little feet & legs got hit by a wave at the very beginning of the session and he was traumatized for most of the shoot! I had to be super patient and gentle with him so he would be comfortable, and eventually he was. I focused a lot on just how tightly he was clinging to his mom, and capturing that bond. There’s nothing else like it.

IMG_3811*003_edit_watermark IMG_3864*005_edit_watermark IMG_3898*009_edit_watermark IMG_3983*017_edit_watermark IMG_3990*018_edit_watermark IMG_4023*019_edit_watermark IMG_4040*023_edit_watermark IMG_4059*026_edit_watermark IMG_4167*033_edit_watermark IMG_4206*035_edit_watermark IMG_4227*037_edit_watermark IMG_4325*041_edit_watermark IMG_4347*042_edit_watermark IMG_4361*043_edit_watermark IMG_4369*044_edit_watermark IMG_4386*045_edit_watermark IMG_4418*047_edit_watermark IMG_4435*050_edit_watermark

That golden light, right?! :)

xo, Michelle

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