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addy, all grown up.


I don’t normally do senior sessions- I focus on littles. BUT I had to make an exception when one of my best friend Karissa’s (whose wedding I did the video for in November) little sister Addison asked me to do hers! I’ve know Addison since she was 4, and she has grown up to be hilarious and bold and beautiful.

Funny story, actually… when I got my first digital camera when I was 16, Karissa & I were doing a “photoshoot” in her front yard, and I took a photo of Addy at age 9, sitting in front of flowers. I was cracking up when I remembered this and found the photo… oh man. I’m glad I’ve improved my skills in the 9 years since this photo!


So I wanted to share my favorite favorites from her session! We shot for about 2 hours in a fun location, and I love how the photos came out- it was hard to choose favorites! It was fun & creatively different to photograph someone over 4 feet tall and able to take direction well haha. She had style & ideas, and that’s always so fun to work with!

IMG_1396*-1 IMG_1417*-2 IMG_1595*-15 IMG_1654*-22 IMG_1660*-23 IMG_1673*-24 IMG_1682*-26 IMG_1715*-30 IMG_1791*-33 IMG_1807*-35 IMG_1908*-41 IMG_1939*-42 IMG_1964*-44 IMG_1999*-47 IMG_2129*-60 IMG_2143*-66 IMG_2152*-69 IMG_2178*-72 IMG_2302*-84 IMG_2333*-87 IMG_2343-90 IMG_2401*-94 IMG_2462*-103

I’m working on new paintings and prints, so hopefully I’ll be able to share those next week :)

xo, Michelle

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