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little jonah, one year old.


Finally sharing this adorable family session I shot back in May! Little Jonah turned 1 year old, and toddlers are MY JAM. It’s so obvious how much his parents love him. He is so fun and expressive! And he loved when planes flew over us :)

IMG_6373*-4 IMG_6383*-5 IMG_6404*-9 IMG_6426*-12 IMG_6476*-17 IMG_6544*-26 IMG_6568*-30 IMG_6610*-37 IMG_6617*-38 IMG_6619*-39 IMG_6635*-41 IMG_6738*-51 IMG_6873*-58

Such a pretty place & family to shoot! 

I hope everyone is having a nice summer so far :)

xo, Michelle

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